Northern Melody

Studio and production

Northern Melody is a mobile recording production LLC that can record and help through the various steps needed to copyright your music and get a USB, CD or album in your hands. With companies like and to aid in website design and product manufacture what are you waiting for?

Groove Stew is comprised of friends that formed from a cover band " Green Season" that  played 50+ gigs in 5 years. "We would use the shows to try out the originals we had worked out." In that time we learned that anyone can get a gig... Try getting asked back! The setlist is crucial as is the energy you portray. We got asked back enough to keep doing it and that has led to an album of songs. We now have the second album finished! These were also recorded at Ultrasound Studios under the tuterledge of the mighty Joe Clapp. With Antelope Orion Interface, Neve, A.P.I. preamps U.A. compressors and a plethora of Logic Pro plug ins we were all happier than a horse in a field of Hay!

Drew Barr is a trained and licensed pain therapist with an uncanny flow and feel to his playing that can take a jam to a place greater than the sum of its parts. Drew plays Tama and Ludwig drums alone with various percussion.

Robert "Bob" Rocha is a degreed master of all things aquatic and directs the New Bedford Whaling Museum. "Look, a cetacean!" Bob plays Fender and Yamaha basses into Ampeg amps.

John Waller is a trained and licensed contractor writing songs "To save my sanity in an unpredictable and uncertain world. The wide range of styles reflects a bunch of musical influences." John plays PRS, EJ Strat, Gibson ES335 and double neck guitars into a Friedman small box 50 and old Fender amps.

Mike Higgins has played for years around New England and beyond and plays his '56 Tele on Tennessee, Big Whiskey Saloon and When I'm Gone. He plays his Martin and co wrote the song Bailey.

Rob Sherman is a hugely talented Singer/ Songwriter working on his 1st album and sings 1980 Something and Already Leaving.

Scott Zitano is featured guitar on 1980 Something and the cool eerie backgrounds on Swampdog.
Blake Gorman can play many instruments and is featured on the 9' Baldwin grand for Already Leaving.

Paul Lorenco is drummer extraodinaire for Bloodline Theory and a few cover bands while working in a music store he absolutely lives music 24/7.  Paul's drum collection includes a '59 Ludwig and 70's vistalites in blue, clear and red. 

Aaron Reckard wrote the lyrics and sings "What is True" with a voice that is Strong and soulful.

Ryan ( Bagel ) Begley has started THE BIND and is recording an album.