Northern Melody

Studio and production

Northern Melody is a mobile recording production LLC that can record and help through the various steps needed to copyright your music and get a USB, CD or album in your hands. With companies like and to aid in website design and product manufacture what are you waiting for?

Groove Stew is comprised of friends that formed a cover band " Green Season" that has played 50+ gigs in 5 years. "We would use the shows to try out the originals we had worked out." In that time we learned that anyone can get a gig... Try getting asked back! The setlist is crucial as is the energy you portray. We got asked back enough to keep doing it and that has led ( finally!) to this Album of songs. These were recorded at Ultrasound Studios under the tuterledge of the mighty Joe Clapp. With Antelope Orion Interface, Neve, A.P.I. preamps U.A. compressors and a plethora of Logic Pro plug ins we were all happier than a horse in a field of Hay!

Drew Barr is a trained and licensed pain therapist with an uncanny flow and feel to his playing that can take a jam to a place greater than the sum of its parts. Drew plays Tama and Ludwig drums alone with various percussion.

Ryan "Bagel" Begley is a talented down home old salt tenaciously clamoring to play music to feel better by. After so many years of trying, what else matters more? Ryan plays a Becker and various Fender Teles into Marshall amps.

Robert "Bob" Rocha is a degreed master of all things aquatic and directs the New Bedford Whaling Museum. "Look, a cetacean!" Bob plays Fender and Yamaha basses into Ampeg amps.

John Waller is a trained and licensed contractor writing songs "To save my sanity in an unpredictable and uncertain world. The wide range of styles reflects a bunch of musical influences." John plays PRS, EJ Strat, Gibson ES335 and double neck guitars into a Friedman small box 50 and '63 Fender Super Reverb amps.

Paul Lorenco is drummer extraodinaire for Bloodline Theory and a few cover bands while working in a music store he absolutely lives music 24/7.  Paul's drum collection includes a '59 Ludwig and 70's vistalites in blue, clear and red. 

Aaron Reckard wrote the lyrics and sings "What is True" with a voice that is Strong and soulful.

 Rob Sherman is a hugely talented Singer/Songwriter working on his first release...